Army Reservist Denied High School Diploma…For What?!

A high school senior was not allowed to walk across the stage for his high school diploma. Why? Because he wanted to wear his military uniform. Geez.

Trump’s Vow To Rebuild The Military

Keeping his promise to rebuild the U.S. military, Trump implements an incentive plan where soldiers who re-enlist can earn up to $90,000 in bonus money.
paris climate agreement

Trump Says “Buh Bye” To Paris Climate Accord

By withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, Trump has said au revoir to a bad deal and bonjour to saving American jobs.

Trump: “Drive Them Out!”

focus on the foreign affairs, so news from home does not overshadow his efforts...
Manchester UK

Manchester Suicide Bombing: Police Investigating Family Plot

Yet another Islamic extremist terrorist attack, this time a suicide bombing, leaves more innocent victims dead or injured. Youngest is 5!

The Lone Star State Just Passed the Nation’s Toughest Sanctuary City Law

Texas turns out to be a Trump trailblazer this week by passing a law on May 7 banning sanctuary cities and keep criminal immigrants off Texas streets.

Will Trump Host More Mystery Guests at Mar-a-Lago?

Trump has just released the itinerary for his first foreign visit and it includes Saudi Arabia, Israel and Italy. Heck, he might even pop in on North Korea for a visit!