Macron France

Another One Bites The Dust: Macron Elected – French Mainstream Politics Ousted.

This is a First: France elected a candidate that was not from a mainstream political party, and he never held a political office before.
H1B Visa

Trump’s H1B Visa Overhaul

Trump's latest executive order is aimed at ending the fraud, abuse and incompetence of America's current H1B guest worker program.
Susan Rice

Note To Susan Rice: No More Interviews!

Susan Rice has certainly told some whoppers over the years. Take a stroll with us down memory lane.
Food stamps SNAP

Illegal Immigrants Are Abandoning Their Food Stamps

Soup kitchens across the nation are becoming overcrowded as illegal immigrants are abandoning their food stamps benefits out of fear under the Trump administration.

West Palm Beach to Trump: Pay Up or Stay Home

West Palm Beach officials say Trump and his long golden lock of hair are overwhelming their city, and have told Trump to instead go to Camp David on weekends!
Organizing for action- obama

Organizing For Action: Smokescreen for Obama’s New Agenda?

On its surface, OFA is there to promote the progressive agenda stated by Barack Obama. But what's their real intent?
catapult wall

Yep–Drug Lords Are Already Testing Trump’s Wall

You gotta hand it to the Mexican drug smugglers—they are definitely innovative. President Trump...