Israel Bibi Netanyahu

A New Dawn For America and Israel?

After eight tense years of strained US-Israeli relations in the Obama White House, it...
Liz Warren

Put A Cork In It, Liz Warren!

As expected, there was a fiery showdown in the Senate confirmation vote regarding Senator...

Sticker Shock: The True Cost of Obamacare in 2017

October 24 marked the preview of 2017 Obamacare plans, with many citizens suffering sticker...
hillary clinton -bill-barack

Clinton Creates Constitutional Crisis

I'm pretty sure we've never had a presidential candidate under FBI investigation mere days...
FBI Secret deal

Is The FBI Riding In on a White Horse To Save The Day?

Before Friday, after all the emails, Wikileaks and other shenanigans, I was convinced that Hillary Clinton could...
pay to play

The Dangerous American Political Establishment

No one takes a government job to get rich. Sure, there are some altruistic...
white pantsuitvideo

Twitter Users Go Wild For Hillary Clinton’s White Pantsuit

When Hillary Clinton hit the stage for the third and final presidential debate, social media users went wild for her white Ralph Lauren pantsuit.