10 Reasons Mike Pence Is A Great Choice For VP


Mike Pence

It’s official. Donald Trump chose Mike Pence as his VP running mate at last week’s Republican National Convention. Get to know Mike Pence with these ten reasons why BSR thinks he makes a great addition to the Republican ticket to Make America Great Again!


He’s From A Swing State

Pence is from Indiana which is a swing state. Obama won it in 2008 but having the popular governor on the ticket pretty much assures the state will shift to red this year.



As governor, Pence reduced the Indiana unemployment rate by 3.4% since January 2013. More than 186,000 people have been added to Indiana’s labor force during Pence’s tenure as governor.


Reduced Spending

Pence made his reputation in Washington as a proponent of reduced government spending, and he’s done the same in Indiana as well. Pence balanced the budget (Indiana is actually required by law to have a balanced budget). And he’s a big fan of reduced government in general.


Washington Knowledge

Pence is a former member of the House of Representatives, so he knows how Washington works, balancing out the ticket because Trump doesn’t have legislative experience.


Socially Conservative

He is well respected as a social conservative because he walks the walk. He will definitely appeal to the party’s evangelical base.



Pence is a really nice guy that people really like. He is well respected by all the various factions of the Republican party, establishment or not, so he can help Trump bring everyone together for a common goal and the common good of the country.


He is a good communicator. In fact, he’s a great communicator, having been a former conservative talk show host. Pence can help Trump communicate policy. He’s mild mannered and won’t overshadow Trump.



Pence is opposed to amnesty for people who have come to the United States illegally, and has supported increased border security and prohibiting people from working in the US unless they have proper authorization.


Foreign Policy

Pence has vast experience serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and his views fit well with Trump’s “America First” theme. He supports increased spending to build up the depleted military, and criticizes Democrats who refuse to call recent events “Islamic extremist terrorism”. Earlier this year, he fought against the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Indiana. Pence is also a strong supporter of our ally Israel.


Gun Rights

Pence is an outspoken, strong proponent of the Second Amendment. He has received the NRA’s “A” rating, and the NRA has also financially supported both his campaign for the House seat as well as for governor. He supports the right to carry a firearm in public.