Actor Antonio Sabato Jr Proud He Came to America the “Legal way.”

Antonio Sabato

Actor and former Calvin Klein model Antonio Sabato Jr. brought down the house as the Republican National Convention kicked off its Monday night proceedings by beginning his remarks by predicting Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election this November.

Sabato told the assembled delegates that he was not the typical convention speaker. He said he had never considered himself to be political and had never spoken out about politics before. He then added, “My belief in this country, my faith in Jesus Christ, have compelled me to speak now.”

Speaking of his Italian heritage, Sabato told how he came to the United States from Rome in 1985. Unlike so many today, he said he was proud to have followed the rules to become a naturalized citizen in 1996. He reminded his listeners that the U.S. is a nation of laws for a reason and that any who come to this country should follow those laws. He said, “There should be no shortcuts for those who don’t want to pay or wait.”

Sabato told how his mother was born in Communist Prague, escaped to the Czech Republic, finally meeting his father in Italy. He said he knows up close and personal what socialism looks like and he doesn’t want that for his children. He warned our national was headed down the path of socialism unless Trump is elected.

“Donald Trump is for unity,” he added. “Donald Trump believes in one America, with liberty and justice for all. Having secure borders, protecting our citizens, none of this is hateful. This is the responsibility of the government. And it’s the right thing to do. Donald Trump will get it done and get back on the right track.”

Sabato said that Americans cannot afford to remain silent because he is concerned about our country’s future. He noted that the past eight years of failed policies and socialist-leaning agendas have led to the deterioration of our country. He said our security has been threatened and our rights trampled.

Sabato enthusiastically called for the nomination and election of Trump because the U.S. is on the wrong path and that was clear to him and he wasn’t even born here.