Arab Countries Got It Right This Time And Obama Should Follow Their Lead

The biggest Muslim invasion of all time is now consuming Europe and will soon hit our shores. Russia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea have not taken in any Syrian migrants.

Does it surprise you to know that Arab countries have closed their borders to their fellow Muslim brothers fleeing Syria, so why isn’t Obama? Five of the wealthiest countries on the Arabian Peninsula (Gulf States), that is Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, have not taken in a single refugee from Syria.

Why doesn’t the Arab countries take in their Syrian Muslims brothers?

Arab officials defended themselves by saying they have given millions to the United Nations to help the refugees.  So what? They have the money. It would make more sense to have these refugees settle in another Arab country for they’re all Muslims and speak the same language (Arabic). So why aren’t they allowing them to come?

Perhaps the Arab countries are afraid that Jihadists terrorists are hiding among these fleeing refugees and they may blow up their countries?

What do these Arab countries know that they are not telling us?

Abdulkhaleq Abdulla

Gulf states are hesitant to welcome refugees because they are concerned about what it would mean for their nations’ security, said  Dr. Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, a retired professor from United Arab Emirates University.  Under the garb of refugees some terrorists from Daesh [ISIS] could reach the Gulf states.

Arab countries won’t permit one single Syrian refugee in to their countries, so why does Obama permit it?  The U.S. should follow the Arab countries lead and close our borders to Muslim migrants.