Are We Ready for Hillary’s America?

Hillary's America
Hootsuite-Evan El-Amin
Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film Hillary’s America is set to be released in theaters July 22, just in time for the Democratic National Convention. D’Souza, known for his film 2016: Obama’s America, turns his attention toward Mrs. Clinton in this latest film in which D’Souza leads the audience through a secret history of the Democratic Party and the rise of Clinton as a presidential candidate.

The filmmaker hopes to shed light on the historically pro-slavery Democratic party’s transition to what he calls the modern-day pro-enslavement approach. D’Souza also covers ground regarding how the Clintons and other Democrats use foreign policy for personal profit.  The filmmaker says the film will unveil the Democratic plan to simply steal America, and he is hoping that the film will “derail the former First Lady’s chances of becoming the first female leader of the United States.”

The film’s trailer has come under fire for using controversial racist imagery to paint a picture of the early origins of the Democratic Party. However, producer Gerald Molen stands firmly behind the film, saying that the images were entirely justified “to show exactly where the Democratic party came from”. Molen continued: “Democrats don’t want to talk about it. They like to say racism was the fault of Republicans. That is pure nonsense.  [Schools] don’t teach the history of Democrats and slavery. Students know nothing about history, nothing about America. They don’t know 600,000 people died in the civil war, most of them trying to protect black Americans from Democrats who supported slavery.”

D’Souza is a US conservative commentator who was born in India. The film’s trailer portrays him as a victim of political strong-arm tactics by the Obama administration.  The filmmaker was charged with making illegal contributions to a 2014 New York Republican candidate’s failed Senate bid and served eight months in a California confinement center. The film points out the Washington hypocrisy, comparing D’Souza’s incarceration with a similar offense committed by Democratic US senator Harry Reid. Reid escaped all charges for a 2006 misuse of $3,300 in campaign contributions for a staff Christmas fund by simply reimbursing his own campaign fund.

D’Souza said that his film 2016: Obama’s America “upset the thin-skinned narcissist in the White House. If that film got me eight months in the slammer, this new movie is going to earn me life in prison.” Naturally, the film references Clinton’s use of a private email server.

While his previous film did not meet its intended goal of preventing a second term for Obama, the film was nevertheless 2012’s top-grossing North American documentary, earning $33.4m.  And it ranks as one of the top five highest-grossing US box office documentaries of all time.