Are You As Patient As These Dogs?

Don’t try to squeeze your way ahead of this line.  You won’t get fed! This discipline should be taught to anyone who tries to cut in line.

A black labrador heads up the line of five German shepherds as they all wait patiently for their turn to go up to the trainer and receive their food.  These police dogs in China show extraordinary discipline. Trained dogs can do remarkable tasks such as search and rescue, sniffing for bombs, service dogs, or learning to turn lights on and off, so it’s not hard to believe that trained dogs would behave this way.

It’s not known where in China the photo was taken or when, the Daily Mail reports it was likely taken at a Chinese police academy. The news site notes that previous photos taken at a Zhejiang police dog training center show that dogs are usually required to queue up for their dinner.

Thought this photo was photoshopped?  As reported in Reddit, the photo below of Finnish border patrol service dogs in the 1940’s seems to confirm this discipline.

Finnish Border Dogs


Do you know anyone who would benefit by this training?