Bill Has Women Coming Out of the Woodwork

Bill clinton
Now that Trump and Clinton are the official nominees for their respective parties, expect to hear more about Bill Clinton’s history of marital infidelities.  Trump initiated this rhetoric in early summer, and we can expect that he will bring it to the front burner in a heated race expected to be the nastiest and meanest in decades. Not only did Trump bring up Bill’s issues in a CNN interview, calling him the “biggest abuser of women as a politician in the history of our country, he also called Hillary an enabler, stating that she fully knew what was going on and actually went after these women to destroy their lives. Here is a crash course:
Kathleen Willey
Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer, stunned the US in 1998 in a “60 Minutes interview when she accused Clinton of making sexual advances in 1993. Willey said that Clinton kissed her, grabbed her breast, and placed her hand on his genitals, all of which were denied by Clinton. Willey resurfaced in 2015, accusing Hillary of being an enabler and is actively campaigning against Hillary in the 2016 election. And she means business: Willey has launched a website called and has actively called for other women who have been harassed or raped by Bill Clinton to speak out. “As we get closer to the election, we cannot let this woman back into the White House,” she said. “This is one way to keep them out of the White House and get rid of them forever because they just need to go away. We’re sick of their dysfunctional family and all of their scandals every single day.”

Willey says her mission is to educate about what Hillary did to Bill’s victims; she wants people to know that Hillary is not the proponent of women that she professes to be. “That’s the story…instead of feeling betrayed by it, she used it all as a political opportunity.”

Willey has outlined many instances of what she claims to have been a smear campaign aimed at frightening her to be silent and not give a deposition in the Paula Jones case (see below).

Willey talks about family pets going missing, particularly her German Shepherd who never left her side but disappeared for three days one time. Willey found dead animals on her porch, slashed tires, and suffered threats against her and her children. Willey has challenged Hillary Clinton to a lie detector test, and has praised Trump for surfacing these issues that many Americans have forgotten over time. Willey professes that she herself took a lie detector test administered by the FBI’s top expert.  Guess what?  She passed it.

Gennifer Flowers
Nightclub singer Gennifer Flowers surfaced during Bill Clinton’s 1992 primary races, stating that she and Bill had a 12-year-long affair. The Clinton’s did a “60 Minutes” interview together.  It was highly publicized and aired at the conclusion of the Super Bowl that year. The Clintons denied the allegations and shortly after that, Hillary took charge of Bill’s campaign and aggressively discredited Flowers. Six years later, Clinton finally acknowledged his sexual relations with Flowers, in the Paula Jones deposition.

Paula Jones
So who is Paula Jones? Employed by the state of Arkansas, Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment/assault charge against Bill Clinton in 1994. Bill allegedly invited Jones to his hotel room, exposed himself, and propositioned her. The Clinton camp denied the charges but did pay nearly $1 million to Jones to drop the lawsuit. U.S. District Court judge also fined Clinton $90,000 for being in contempt of court for giving false testimony. Interestingly, as Jones’ legal team searched for evidence for her case, they uncovered an even bigger fish: the affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Monica Lewinsky
When we think “Clinton sex scandal”, most of us immediately reference Monica Lewinsky, the 21-year-old White House intern who had a sexual relationship with Clinton in 1995. Then, in 1996, Lewinsky took another job in the Pentagon, where she shared details of her tryst with co-worker Linda Tripp, who was secretly recording their conversation. Bill found himself in hot water because he had denied the Lewinsky affair in the Jones deposition. Clinton was impeached but later acquitted by the Senate. As a result of lying under oath, Clinton was suspended from practicing law for 5 years and was fined $25,000.

BSR has only scratched the surface—there are many more women and we are sure they will soon be in the spotlight to shed the true light on Hillary Clinton.