Breaking: Clinton Used Her Private Server To Store Top Secret Info

According to The Washington Post, the State Department just released (September 1) some of the 30,000 e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Emails will be released until early 2016 giving ample time for all those juicy emails to be made public.

This trickling effect may prove to be disastrous to the Clinton campaign.

As reported in the Washington Post:

  • The FBI is looking into whether any information marked as classified at the time crossed Clinton’s private server. Clinton has maintained it didn’t, though independent government investigators have found at least two e-mails they said had top-secret information.
  • In this latest batch, some 150 e-mails are censored in some way because the State Department deemed information classified, The Post’s Anne Gearan reports.
  • Apparently, not even the State Department’s Help Desk knew Clinton’s e-mail address, which she used exclusively for work.
  • There are also some somber e-mails discussing nuclear negotiations with Iran, lifting sanctions on the military dictatorship in Burma and what to do after bombs devastated a major Sufi shrine in Pakistan.
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Here’s a synopsis of some of those emails:

  • The US State Department’s own email help desk was in the dark about Hillary’s address;
  • Hillary gushed over a new iPad she would later deny using for email
  • Once praised an aide for going 100 hours without sleep to finish a speech
  • She asked another staffer when she could find ‘The Good Wife’ on television
  • Clinton aides were reduced to using their own personal email addresses to communicate with her when messages failed to reach their official ‘’ accounts

According to the Guardian, one email showed Bill Clinton attempting to influence Hillary regarding international affairs.