BREAKING: Trump Leads In Polls…How Much More Will His Lead Increase After Debate

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has emerged at the top of the Republican field in the latest Investor’s Business Daily’s poll.

The latest IBD/TIPP poll shows support for Trump among registered Republicans and those leaning Republican is 28%, while support for Carson is 23%, followed by Rubio at 11%, Bush and Cruz at 6%, and Fiorina coming in at 3%.

“Trump’s support in the last poll suffered somewhat because of his nearly week-long boycott of Fox News, which has since been lifted,” said TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, which conducts the IBD/TIPP poll. “Carson has recently been under more scrutiny by both the media and other candidates.”

The poll also disclosed some additional findings:

  • 61% say that the country is on the wrong track.
  • 59% are dissatisfied with current federal economic policies.
  • 48% say that the economy is not improving, while 48% say it is.
  • 37% think Obama is effective in fighting the Islamic State; 80% see the terror group as a direct threat to the U.S.
  • 60% of those following the Benghazi story think the Obama administration deliberately misled the public that the attack was the result of a video.

(h/t IBD)