BREAKING: Trump Surges In Polls…A Day After Touting Endorsement From Bill Clinton

Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump received some exciting news after he touted an endorsement from President Bill Clinton, the husband of Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Voter Preferences/Expectation Poll: ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Trump’s surge not only in “voter preferences”, but in also in “expectations” –Trump has the backing of 32% of Republicans and “Republican-leaning independents” who are registered to vote, followed by Ben Carson’s 22%.This poll also shows 42% of “Republican-leaning independents” feel Trump will win the GOP nomination, 43% say he will win the election.

Attributes poll numbers: The poll also highlights Trump’s doing very well on many key attributes:

  • 47% of “leaned Republicans” view him as the strongest leader
  • 39% believe he would be best able to handle immigration
  • 32% feel he is closest to them on the issues
  • 29% say he “best understands the problems of people like you.”

What do you think?

(h/t ABC News)