Thursday, September 21, 2023

President Trump Stops Air Force One From Taking Off To Check On Injured Police Officer

A police officer was injured in President Trump's motorcade. He wouldn't let Air Force One take off until he ensured the officer was out of danger.

Trump’s Vow To Rebuild The Military

Keeping his promise to rebuild the U.S. military, Trump implements an incentive plan where soldiers who re-enlist can earn up to $90,000 in bonus money.

The Lone Star State Just Passed the Nation’s Toughest Sanctuary City Law

Texas turns out to be a Trump trailblazer this week by passing a law on May 7 banning sanctuary cities and keep criminal immigrants off Texas streets.
Israel Bibi Netanyahu

A New Dawn For America and Israel?

After eight tense years of strained US-Israeli relations in the Obama White House, it...
Cleveland Police

Cleveland Police Walked By the RNC, Then This Happened

After civil unrest in Dallas and Baton Rouge, law enforcement was prepared for the...

Vets Have More Fun At Airport Than Anyone Thought Possible

Airport departure gates are usually a miserable place to wait, but not this time....

What Happens To Muslim Terrorists In China?

How should a country deal with terrorists?  Why not sentence them to prison so...

Unveiled: Muslims Going Crazy After Netherland’s Ban

Many European countries have banned Muslims from wearing in public face-covering veils, burqas or nikab. Netherlands is the...

Bad News For Welfare Leeches In Wisconsin

"There's no such thing as a free lunch," said Milton Friedman. This quote has...

Arab Bank To Pay $1 Billion For Funding Terrorism

The largest Jordanian bank, Arab Bank PLC, has been found liable for providing assistance...