Monday, December 4, 2023
paris climate agreement

Trump Says “Buh Bye” To Paris Climate Accord

By withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, Trump has said au revoir to a bad deal and bonjour to saving American jobs.

Trump’s Vow To Rebuild The Military

Keeping his promise to rebuild the U.S. military, Trump implements an incentive plan where soldiers who re-enlist can earn up to $90,000 in bonus money.

Army Reservist Denied High School Diploma…For What?!

A high school senior was not allowed to walk across the stage for his high school diploma. Why? Because he wanted to wear his military uniform. Geez.
illegal immigrants phone ringtone

Illegal Immigrant Ring Tone for INS Notification

Yep. You got that right. There is a new ringtone for illegal immigrants to remind them of how to handle police, INS, and ICE. Ain't life grand?

Death Threats for Conservative Students On American College Campuses

Conservative student Nicholas Fuentes dropped out of Boston University after receiving death threats for his political views.
republican racist

Clemson Professor: All Republicans Are Racist

A Clemson professor is digging his heels in the sand by standing by his comment that all Republicans are racist.
Planned parenthood abortion

South Carolina Governor Ends Public Funding Of Abortion

South Carolina's Republican governor Henry McMaster, issued a state order to prevent taxpayer funding of abortion clinics across the state.
Uranium One

Hillary’s Actions In Uranium One Deal Might Be Treason

Former Trump advisor and national security guru Sebastian Gorka suggests that the U.S. try Hillary for treason in the Uranium One deal.