China Steps Up Its War On Muslims With Shocking 11 Point Plan (Especially #7)

While there are approximately 23 million Muslims living in China accounting for about 1.8% of the population, it’s the Muslim Uighurs (Uyghur) sect that China is targeting due to their “violent terrorist attacks.”

Here’s how China has intensified a crackdown this Muslim sect.


1. Ramadan is banned and Chinese restaurants must stay open during this fast.

Cafeterias at some government offices were directed to keep records of who ate lunch to make sure Muslims were not fasting.

Banned -can only worship in mosques

2. Muslim prayer meetings and other religious practices are banned in Chinese government buildings, schools, and business offices in China’s Xinjiang region

Fully armed Chinese paramilitary police patrol a street

3. Religious activities are now restricted to take place only in houses of worship, such as mosques.

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4. $4,880 fines will be imposed mobile phones users and using the Internet to disseminate messages that undermine national unity, social stability or incite ethnic hatred.

Students said spot checks were made of their laptops, iPads and smartphones to make sure there was no religious content.

Billboard sign photos explaining the dos and don’ts at the checkpoints show that women are allowed to wear scarves, preferably in bright colors, over their heads, not their faces. Let our hair flow and reveal our beautiful faces. Abandon old and outdated customs.

5. Female head dresses are banned in conformity with Chinese legislators who have repeatedly said that burqas “are not a national dress of Muslims.”

China is justifying their new laws based on several other countries, such as France, Turkey, and Belgium who have enacted similar bans based on public safety concerns and to promote secularism.  In 2014 a middle school principal was beaten after he was accused of helping authorities detain students wearing scarves. As many as four people were reported to have been shot to death in the ensuing melee in Kuqa County.


6. Men with long beards are banned from riding public transportation.

Chinese have suffered numerous terrorist attacks from both Muslim men with long beards, women, men in disguise wearing burquas, that obscures their appearance and suicide belts.


7. China will pay up to $8,000 for information on their bearded Muslim neighbors.


8. Islamic restaurants in China must sell alcohol and cigarettes and these items must be displayed for sale or these restaurants will be force to shut down.

This law has been enacted as result of reports by some non-Muslim customers have been assaulted for even requesting these items in Muslim restaurants, or for merely requesting pork in a meal. The Quran (Koran) calls the use of “intoxicants” sinful, while some Muslim religious leaders have also forbidden smoking. Some non-Muslim customers have been assaulted for even requesting these items in Muslim restaurants, or for merely requesting pork in a meal.


9. Muslims cannot wear clothing or logos associated with extremism.

No ISIS flags or patches allowed. Bans against Islamic clothing – manufacturers have been fined for making black garments.

10. Muslims’ personal phones may also no longer be used to study the Quran or practice religious hymns.

ISIS calling on China’s Muslim Uighurs to join the terror group and head to ISIS territory

11. Muslims are prohibited from distributing or viewing videos about jihads, holy wars, religious extremism or terrorism whether it is viewed inside or outside religious houses of worship.

Religious leaders are required to report such activities to the local authorities.  Forget using YouTube.