Clinton Creates Constitutional Crisis

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Hillary for America
I’m pretty sure we’ve never had a presidential candidate under FBI investigation mere days before an election. If Hillary Clinton wins on November 8, her ongoing criminal investigation will further divide our great country. For supporters like long-time Democrat and Fox News contributor Doug Schoen, the FBI reopening of the case was the last straw. In a revelation that stunned his Fox co-workers, Schoen (very) publicly declared that he cannot in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton because of the upheaval she will cause the country. Schoen is highly respected by both parties, and is “deeply proud” of his work as a former top aide to President Bill Clinton—but the FBI’s stunning statement that 650,000 MORE Clinton-related emails are being investigated simply did Schoen in.
Schoen is joined by many who are convinced that the US will face dire consequences should Clinton win. The criminal investigation would be a painfully long investigation of Clinton and her top aides like Abedin and Podesta, quite possibly resulting in a criminal trial of a sitting president. (Remember that more than 40 people were indicted when all was said and done with Watergate.) Americans desperately want politicians to work together, but nothing would get accomplished in her tumultuous presidency. As Schoen adeptly puts it, Clinton would be “utterly and totally immobilized.” Obamacare would continue on its destructive path, there would be no job creation, trade deals would not be renegotiated, and companies would not be repatriated. The US election has global consequences, and we would be a mockery to other world leaders.
And it’s starting to appear that the cover-up may be worse than the original crime, as was the case with Watergate. No one has really said those three little words “obstruction of justice”, but if Clinton is found guilty, she could go to prison for up to 20 years (the rest of her life). Clinton-hater Sean Hannity reported that the FBI has rapidly expanded its investigation beyond a mere fact-finding mission into a full-blown investigation—they’ve obtained a search warrant for the Weiner laptop and a whopping 16 charges are on the ballot (so to speak): conspiracy, bribery, several shades of fraud, perjury, personal financial interest (duh on this one) and of course destruction of confidential government records (whew, I am out of breath!) The FBI just added 18USC1001, a.k.a the statute used to indict Martha Stewart. Hey Hillary, you should have talked with Martha first—she could have told you that it is a crime to give a false statement, not just under oath, but to an FBI agent or assistant U.S. Attorney.
So what happens now?
It appears unlikely that Clinton will be forced out of the race in the next few days. Dems would need a new nominee. Obama could delay or suspend the election, or could pardon Clinton before his January exit. And according to Article II section 2 of our Constitution, Clinton can pardon herself, except in the case of impeachment, an exclusive power of Congress, (the House charges and the Senate holds the trial). Bill knows the process very well so he can help her.
Is this what we’ve come to? Presidencies like Nixon’s and Bill Clinton’s have ended in scandal, but leave it to Hillary to be uniquely qualified to start her presidency (IF elected) this way. Bill and Hillary may become the first couple to ever be impeached!