Clinton Foundation Fraud Uncovered by Wall Street Analyst

Charles Ortel, a Wall Street financial analyst and investor, conducted a six month investigation of Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Chelsea Clinton Foundation, and former President Bill Clinton. Ortel shared his story with WND, prior to its April 20 release.

The publication, False Philanthropy? First Interim Report Concerning The Bill Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, claims “(The Foundation) Trustees and other persons have been engaged in an unprosecuted criminal conspiracy to operate the Clinton Foundation in the guise of a public charity, when it is, instead, an illegal money-laundering and influence peddling scheme.”

Ortel went on to say that “he believes he has found a systematic pattern of faulty financial management and reporting that is consistent with an effort to perpetrate what he suspects may be a massive criminal fraud.”

Ortel’s pre-publication “final draft” copy dated 2-24-16 can be accessed here:Ortel

Charles Ortel is managing director of Newport Value Partners LLC, which provides independent investment research to professional investors.

The preface to Ortel’s paper states “No individual stands above the law. And no person, not even a leading candidate for president of the United States is “too big to jail”, because government authorities and the major U.S. political parties are too conflicted to protect inherent interests of “we, the people”.