Clinton Rents X-Rated Jet Plane…Now She’ s Banned

Many presidential candidates own or rent jets to take them on their grueling campaign trail. The press has covered Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s corporate jet, so what about Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? As it turns out, Clinton was using a private jet that is owned by multimillionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian, according to TMZ. Bilzerain is known to regularly host wild mile high parties with women in skimpy clothing, according to the Daily Mail.

Bilzerian, dubbed the “King of Instagram” throws parties on board his jet and posts photos on social media showing him with scantily clad dressed women. When he is not using his jet for his wild bashes, the plane was rented for Clinton’s presidential campaign. Reporters used it to follow Clinton on her campaign stops. It is not known whether the reporters were aware what went on when it was not being leased out to Clinton.

The Gulfstream G-IV jet is registered to a company owned by Bilzerian, Goat Airways LLC. The plane’s tail number is N701DB, with the last two initials (“DB”) standing for Dan Bilzerian, according to the Daily Mail.

Since Bilzerian got wind of the lease to Clinton, has made it clear she is no longer welcome. “She’s banned…I banned her. Code X, she’s off the list. I can’t have my (expletive deleted) contaminated like that,” Bilzerian told TMZ.