Exposed: Company That Stored Clinton’s Private Email Server Shared Confidential Info

While concerns keep mounting about whether the information stored on Hillary Clinton’s private email server could have been compromised and passed on to foreign countries, new facts have surfaced about the technology firm that stored her server.

The technology service company that was responsible for storing Hillary Clinton’s server exchanged “confidential information” with other tech firms across the country, in an “open book” type relationship.

Platte River Networks of Denver, Colorado held on to Clinton’s private email server from her State Department tenure for more than two years. The company gave the server to the FBI after the feds visited the company’s headquarters. Platte River has claimed that Clinton’s server, which it obtained in 2013 from Clinton’s home in New York, no longer had any information on it, but the server reportedly did have Clinton’s emails on it at one time while it was in Platte River’s possession.

So how well does Platte River Networks hold on to sensitive information?

The company, which was once sued for allegedly stealing the phone numbers of top White House military advisers, has an “open book” relationship with partner firms when it comes to storing information.

But it gets worse.

According to reports, Platte River Networks was not one of the 13,000 firms authorized by the Defense Security Service to maintain private networks. The DSS conducts thorough investigations of companies that deal in classified or private government data and issues the final approval on whether or not they can be used.

Platte River Networks is part of the VentureTech Network, which consists of about 500 tech firms all over North America. When it comes to SLA’s (i.e. service level agreements/contracts with customers), Platte River shares business relationships and information with other firms in the network.

“We’ve shared SLA’s with other partners which has been really helpful,” Platte River vice president David DeCamillis said in a 2012 promotional video. “The fact that a company — even, potentially, a competitor but they’re in different markets so not really – are willing to share their SLA’s and other confidential information, you know, it’s almost like an open book, is amazing. And I’ve actually taken bits and pieces of different SLA’s to help improve ours. And I’ve shared ours with other vendors as well, or other partners as well. So that’s been really beneficial.”

With the unauthorized Platte River Networks having control of Clinton’s server that, at one time, contained her work emails, it’s no wonder many lawmakers are concerned that her classified emails were compromised by foreign governments.