Hillary Clinton Can’t Name An Accomplishment…Watch Her Duck Every Question In CNN Interview

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Hillary Clinton following September 16 Republican Party debate, the first Clinton granted since she launched her campaign.  Wolf tried to discuss a wide range of topics including, GOP debate, current poll numbers, the controversy surrounding her email server, and Republicans threatening to defund Planned Parenthood. After nearly forty years in public service, you would think Hillary could rattle off her number one accomplishment?

But Hillary side-stepped every question.

Blitzer asked Clinton to name her “number one accomplishment” as Secretary of State. Although she appeared to be taken aback slightly, Clinton recovered by saying if you want to know what my accomplishments were, “read my book ‘Hard Choices.’”  This was a straight-forward question and why couldn’t she respond?  Clinton ducked more questions by saying over and over “you can read my book.”

Watch and listen to Clinton’s response to Wolf’s question:

“Carly Fiorina said if you want to stump a Democrat she said ask them about Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as Secretary of State. If you were on that debate stage with her, what would you say was your number one accomplishment as Secretary of State?”

And listen to her response to several other questions, including defunding Planned Parenthood, current poll numbers, and the email server controversy.


Clinton had over a year to prepare for this question.  ABC News Diane Sawyer asked Hillary Clinton similar questions over a year ago (6/10/2014) and she couldn’t name her top accomplishment as Secretary of State.