Clinton Has Meltdown And Destroys Camera

According to excerpted from a newly published book, Hillary Clinton enlisted the help of Steven Spielberg in an attempt to maker her seem more likable, a new book claims.

Hillary was urged to seek help by Bill Clinton and he told her, ‘Let’s ask Steven for help,’ according to the book, UNLIKEABLE: The Problem with Hillary. So their mutual friend Spielberg provided acting coaches to help Hillary prepare for speeches.

Photo: WireImage
Photo: WireImage

But the sessions came to an abrupt end after Hillary took her frustrations out on a camera and knocked it off its tripod, according to an excerpt of the book published in the New York Post.

Hillary and Bill Clinton were having drinks with friends when it was suggested that Hillary be coached on how to present herself during speeches, according to journalist Edward Klein, who wrote UNLIKEABLE: The Problem with Hillary.

Hillary allegedly said, “I get $250,000 to give a speech, and these Hollywood jackasses are going to tell me how to do it!”

But Bill insisted and she reportedly agreed to the move to please him. Bill is said to have told Hillary, ‘[your] challenge is to ­repackage you in 2016 as a strong but lovable older woman.’

He added that it was important for Hillary to come across more like former prime minister of Israel Golda Meir than the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

A couple of weeks after Hillary began her likability lessons, she invited several women friends to Whitehaven. When one of her friends noticed a video camera standing on a tripod in a corner of the room, she asked Hillary what it was for.

“Speech practice,” Hillary said, according to the recollection of one of the women. “My coaches tell me I’m supposed to pretend when I speak. Pretend that I actually like the audience. I’m supposed to force myself to keep a smile on my face. I’m supposed to think happy thoughts. To think of Chelsea or Charlotte or my [late] mother. But not about Bill, because even though I love him to death, he makes me tear my hair out.”

That got a laugh from the women.

But as the campaign heated up, one of the first casualties was the Spielberg likability lessons.

In exasperation, Hillary quit taking the likability lessons.

“I decided I had enough with the camera and the recordings and the coaches,” Hillary told a friend. “I got so angry I knocked the f- -king camera off its tripod. That was the end of my Stanislavski period.”

(h/t New York Post)