Hillary Has Stashed a Lot of Cash

Hillary Clinton
Michael Woodruff
A large majority of Hillary Clinton’s donations are from 20 donors, according to the Federal Election Committee’s most recent report.
Television network mogul Haim Saban is a longtime supporters, having Clinton $10 million over the years to both her political campaigns and the Clinton Foundation. The Sabans hosted a Clinton fundraiser in April with guests of honor George and Amal Clooney and a starting ticket price of $33,000 per person just to meet the celebrities. Saban and Clinton share a pro-Israel stance. Clinton seems very reliant on Saban; last year, she asked for his advice on how American leaders can remove efforts aimed at pressuring Israel into accommodating Palestinian demands.
George Soros is a close second. The billionaire hedge fund manager dissed Clinton and supported Obama in 2008 but hinted in 2012 that he regretted that decision and made nice with Clinton by providing $7 million in donations.
Several other entertainment moguls like Dreamworks, Spielberg and Legendary Entertainment have donated millions, as have a number of hedge fund managers.
When we look at her career as a whole, she has received many donations from Wall Street, several banks like Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.
The Clintons raise eyebrows in their last week of Bill’s presidency when they purchased a nearly $3 million home 15 minutes away from the White House. People scratched their heads because the Clintons had a net worth of 0 and legal debt of over $1 million, so it seemed to be a frivolous purchase they could not afford. But the Clintons knew something we all did not–they were set to rake in the cash, and did just that, making nearly $230 million over the next 15 years.
Bill immediately started giving speeches less than three weeks after he left the White House. One of his first was to Morgan Stanley in New York for $125,000.  He later raised his price to $225,000 to $500,000 per speech, according to disclosure documents that Hillary was required to file for her Senate run and to serve as Secretary of State.
Hillary didn’t start bringing in the big bucks until she resigned as Secretary of State. She immediately began speeches as well, and coincidentally one of her first speeches was to–you guessed it–Morgan Stanley–with a price tag of $225,000. She never charged less than $225,000 per speech, and from April to December of 2013, earned $9 million from speaking engagements alone.
Forbes added it all up and in 2014, the Clintons earned more than some of America’s most prominent CEOs, including JPMorgan, Apple and Wal-Mart.
With all of her lifetime donations from big banks and Wall Street, do we really think Clinton will be an impartial president who will really take down Wall Street like she says she will? The only way it will happen is if the Clintons decide they have amassed a big enough fortune and don’t owe anyone any favors for past donations, so it seems unlikely.