Hillary’s Health Still Matters

FBI clears clinton
The debates and more revelations from Wikileaks have been the media focus on Hillary Clinton this past week. With the 24/7 news cycle, isn’t it amazing how quickly we drop one topic to focus on the next hot topic? A few weeks ago, there was massive concern about Hillary Clinton’s health, and now, we don’t hear anything about it. So let’s shed some light on this much-needed topic.
For years, Ed Klein has been warning the American public about Hillary’s health. In his books Blood Feud and Unlikeable, Klein reports that Hillary is in failing health and that her campaign managers are kept up at night worrying about her potentially collapsing in public. Klein goes on to say that Hillary’s inner circle is covering up her health, just like they covered up her emails, the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scheme, and Benghazi.
We all remember the 9/11 collapse that was captured on a bystander’s video—thank goodness—or the mainstream media would have buried that deep. According to Klein, Bill and Hillary fought after the collapse, with Bill arguing that Hillary needed to be in the hospital, and Hillary absolutely refusing to check in because it would damage her presidential bid.
In his new book, Guilty As Sin, Klein states that the Obamas are well aware of Clinton’s health problems, according to a report by Breitbart. Obama urged Clinton to get a thorough checkup at Walter Reed National Medical Center, and promised to use his power to get her in there secretly. Hillary refused, wishing to use her doctors in New York City.
The 9/11 video was the public’s first notice that Hillary’s health was bad, but also remember the February 2016 photos that surfaced, showing Hillary being helped up the stairs. Since them, journalists who have dared to pose the health question have been slaughtered by the mainstream media, who have labeled them as sexist.
Klein has said that Hillary’s health issues go back more than ten years, and denotes a 2005 fainting incident at a women’s group in Buffalo, New York, as well as a 2009 fainting spell while boarding a plane in Yemen, where she fell and fractured her elbow. Hillary fainted again in 2012 at her State Department office right before one of her numerous Benghazi testimonies; this is the well-known incident when she suffered the concussion.
Hillary apparently has heart rhythm issues and a torn and leaky heart valve, neither of which have been disclosed to the American public or heavily covered by the media.
One final thought–Obama was very persuasive in getting Kaine as her running mate. As governor of Virginia, Kaine was loyal to Clinton, but actually backed Obama, not Clinton, in 2008. Sources say that Obama wants Kaine as president should Hillary not be able to complete her term due to health complications.