HUGE: Fox News Moderator Believes Trump Can Be Elected President (VIDEO)

Fox New moderator Chris Wallace, reacting to his recent interview with Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump, admitted on “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace” that “I am beginning to believe” that Trump “could be elected president of the United States.”

Trump has very vocal about Fox News Chris Wallace’s demeanor and questions when he moderated the first GOP debate. Wallace made this shocking statement to his show’s panelists after airing a recent interview with Trump:

“I have to tell you, all of us dismissed trump, early on, the so called experts, the summer fling, momentary amusement, as I watched that interview and I heard want he had to say about country, about trade, about losing, and just the shear force of his personality, I am beginning to believe he could be elected president of the United States.”

Chris Wallace is the son of the late Mike Wallace, a legend of his own. Having a political moderator such as Chris Wallace admit that Trump could be our next president is a huge win for the Trump camp.  Seasoned journalists are now seeing that Trump can win.

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(h/t FoxNews)