Hungary’s Radical Measures Infuriates Muslims

While U.S. infrastructure is crumbling and can’t hold back the tide of migrants trying to flood our country, other countries such as Hungary have quickly implemented measures to curtail the flood of illegals entering their country.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended his position, sealed off their borders with Serbia and Croatia, and stated the vast majority of migrants flooding their country are Muslim, reported i24News.  Orban stated that Islam “has never been part of Europe.”

“…spiritually, Islam was never part of Europe. It’s the rulebook of another world,” stated Orban.

“We in Hungary decide what we want or don’t want. We don’t want that. Not everyone is entitled to a life in Germany or a life in Hungary. That’s only for those who have worked for it,” he said.

President Obama and the State Department announced that he welcomes an additional 100,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S.

In September, Hungary sealed off its border with neighboring Serbia in light of a historic flood in refugees. Hungary announced it completed a fence along their neighboring border with Croatia in October.

Hungary’s use of fences and its treatment of migrants has been sharply criticized by many, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

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(h/t i24News)