You’ll Never Believe Who’s Building A Wall In Hungary To Keep Illegals Out And Takes Trump’s Advice

As the U.S is trying to deal with illegal immigrants entering our country from an unsecured border, Hungary is also faced with illegal immigrants flooding their country and they could not resolve this problem with regular border patrols.  The Telegraph reported that 500 unemployed Hungarians on “job seeker’s allowance” were told to report for duty or face having their subsidies stopped as Hungary races to complete the 108-mile fence with Serbia by end of September 2015.  Great idea to employ the unemployed!

Hungary, like Trump sees a border fence as the most cost effective solution to curb illegal immigration.

The Hungarian plan for the fence has provoked sharp international criticism with some labeling it a new Iron Curtain in Europe. The U.S. has also faced sharp criticism when the idea comes up by some politicians to construct a border fence with Mexico. But the Hungarian government has defended its decision, saying the wall is needed to curb the growing number of migrants targeting the Schengen-zone country as a gateway into the European Union countries.

Last month the Hungarian prime minister described illegal immigrants coming from the “depths of Africa” as a threat to Europe’s existence. “We need to rethink many European inventions, institutions and treaties. But until we do we cannot sit idle. Until the EU states act as one, member states will be forced to go out of their way to fend off this brutal threat.”