This Is Insane: Iran Targeted American Helicopter While Obama Sells Nuclear Deal

Once again, this proves that the terror-sponsoring country of Iran can’t be trusted

As President Barack Obama prepared to sell the American people on his dangerous, ill-advised Iranian nuclear deal, U.S. Department of Defense officials confirmed that in mid-July, a coalition warship and an American helicopter were both targeted by the Iranian Navy. The incidents took place in international waters off the coast of Yemen. The Navy ship was “conducting routine maritime operations,” the official said. But it is well understood that U.S Navy warships patrol the region looking for any indication of Iranian weapons smuggling into Yemen. Machine gunners on an Iranian navy ship only a few hundred yards away took aim, according to a Department of Defense source and described to CNN.


USS Forrest ShermanThe bridge area of the USS Forrest Sherman and one of its helicopters were targeted, the official said.

The Navy is not certain exactly what the device was, or how powerful it was, but believes it was not of industrial or military grade quality since there was no damage. The incidents are viewed at this point as harassment from the Iranians.