Is The FBI Riding In on a White Horse To Save The Day?

FBI Secret deal
Before Friday, after all the emails, Wikileaks and other shenanigans, I was convinced that Hillary Clinton could get away with just about anything. As Ed Klein points out in his new book about Hillary Clinton, Guilty As Sin, Bill was horrified when he learned that Hillary, at public campaign appearances, was cracking jokes about the FBI investigation into her private email server. Bill’s exact words:  “She’s f—ing over the FBI. How stupid is that?”

My original title for this article was “Where’s the FBI?” I was disappointed that the FBI seemed to be nowhere in sight after release of the stunning revelations from Wikileaks regarding Clinton, the Foundation and so many other issues. Indeed, the agency has been under tremendous scrutiny and has lost credibility since Comey’s stunning announcement that no criminal charges would be levied against Clinton.

But Friday afternoon, my faith in the FBI was at least temporarily restored. I was out of town, and not watching 24/7 news as usual, and it was wonderful to get text after text from friends and colleagues informing me of the FBI’s latest move.

As it turns out, FBI agents working on the Anthony Weiner sexting investigation uncovered emails and evidence in that investigation that is pertinent to the Clinton email and personal server scandal. Agents apparently had compelling enough evidence to convince Comey to notify Congress about reopening the investigation. The FBI had confiscated several devices from Weiner and his wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The FBI has uncovered tens of thousands of emails from Abedin on those devices, and the findings were significant enough for the FBI to take notice. We do know that Abedin had an account on Clinton’s personal server.

Hillary, who shrinks from the spotlight of press conferences, conducted a rushed press conference late Friday afternoon. And boy was it insightful. In the four minute rant, her true colors came shining through. She was arrogant in demanding the FBI release more information and accused Comey of sending his letter only to Republicans in the Congress. ABC News vetted Clinton on that, determining she had mispoken: Comey actually sent the letter to both Republicans and Democrats. Many agents are speaking out, saying that the new evidence must be very compelling and possibly shows both true intent as well as criminal misconduct, otherwise Comey would not have made these moves 11 days before an election.

And Hillary has blamed everyone but herself, yet she is the one who decided to set up a personal server in the first place, so she only has herself to blame. It’s very simple-politicians represent us, they don’t rule over us. Truly ask yourself whether you want a potential criminal under FBI investigation to be ushered into the White House. I think you already know the answer.