Obama’s Terrifying Warning is Great News For Muslims

More than 4 million refugees have escaped the bloodshed in Syria.  Some have fled to neighboring countries, while most are on the way to the richer European nations and the U.S. Now steps in today’s Trojan Horse.

An Islamic State (IS, ISIS) operative revealed the ISIS terror group took advantage of this crisis and successfully smuggled thousands of covert jihadists into Europe.  Obama just announced he will accept an additional 10,000 so-called refugees starting October 1st. CNN is reporting that Secretary of State John Kerry actually wants to raise the 75,000 number to more than 100,000! Unbelievable!

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations, hidden among innocent refugees. The lethal ISIS gunmen use local smugglers to blend in and travel among a huge tide of illegal migrants flooding Europe.

The ISIS smuggler, who is in his thirties and is described as having a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the on-going clandestine operation is a complete success.

The Islamic State operative spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity and is believed to be the first to confirm plans to infiltrate western countries.

Nigel Farage, leader of the anti-immigration UK Independence Party in Britain, contends that the European Union’s “interpretation of compassion actually could be a very real threat to our security.”

“My concern is that ISIS have actually said that they will use the migrant wave to flood Europe with half a million of their jihadist fighters…. Even if it’s only 500 I’m very worried about that.”

ISIS is believed to be actively smuggling deadly gunmen across the sparsely guarded 565 mile Turkish border and on to richer European nations, he revealed.

They are following the well-trodden route taken by refugees and migrants fleeing, travelling across the border of Turkey then on boats across to Greece and through Europe.

The operative said the undercover infiltration was the beginning of a larger plot to carry out revenge attacks in the West in retaliation for the US led coalition airstrikes.

He said: “If someone attacks me then for sure I will attack them back.”

Islamic State extremists are taking advantage of developed nations’ generosity towards refugees to infiltrate Europe, he said.

Refugees were applauded as they arrived in Germany this weekend having made the journey through Hungary and Austria.

As the ISIS smuggler said smiling, “Just Wait.”

Author Robert Spencer wrote Sept. 4 in Front Page Magazine, “This is no longer just a ‘refugee crisis.’ This is a hijrah.”

Hijrah is the Islamic doctrine of migration, which is a form of stealth jihad.

And now, looking at Europe and America, a migration invasion of a much greater magnitude is underway.