Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell Wows Delegates as He Goes off Script at the RNC

lone survivor
Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell spared no politician on either side of the aisle when he went off script at the Republican National Convention. The former Navy SEAL, inspired both the book and film, Lone Survivor, which chronicled the loss of all the other members of his team and how an Afghani village gave him refuge until his rescue.

Luttrell has become a much sought out speaker in his years back in the States and is known for his impassioned love for his country.

In a paid advertisement for the National Rifle Association, he spoke directly to radical Muslims when he said, “I know you’re watching, so pay attention. You hate my freedom, my religion and my country. My freedom is more powerful than anything you can possibly do. I will say what I think, worship according to my beliefs, and raise my children how I see fit.  And I defend it all with the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, I cower to no one.”

His speech at the RNC on Monday night was no less passionate ,but it was at the 5:30 mark of his almost eight-minute speech that delegates saw just why Donald Trump chose Marcus Luttrell to speak on opening night.

Instead of speaking from a teleprompter, an expected practice for the convention, Luttrell abandoned the script and did what he does best, spoke from the heart.  As the cameras panned the audience, it was obvious that what he had to say off the top of his head was moving and powerful.

What he had to say in those last two minutes probably did something else for establishment politicians – made them squirm in their seats.

“Hold them accountable for every position and office they hold,” said Luttrell. “Either way, the only way we survive this is together, not apart. The only way for life to matter is if every life matters.”

Much of Trump’s popularity has been his willingness to take on establishment politicians and party leaders. The last thing entrenched leaders from either party wants is to be held accountable. However, it was obvious from the reaction of most delegates that is exactly what they want.

Considering Marcus Luttrell’s off the cuff remarks, he was the perfect choice to send that message out loud and clear.

“To the next generation, your war is here, you don’t have to find it,” Luttrell said, continuing to ad-lib. “Who among you will love something more than you love yourself? I challenge all of you to fight for this country and each and every one of us.”