Mother Tells Son To Quit ISIS – He Then Does The Unthinkable!

ISIS has been known for its savagery and brutality, as depicted by the countless news articles and videos peppering our TV’s.  This vicious organization has reached another new low and now has demonstrated the loyalty of their fighters.

Leena al-Qasem, 45, tried to persuade her son to quit ISIS. Being a mother, she thought she knew what was best for her son. Leena was fearful that a U.S. backed coalition would destroy ISIS and she wanted him to escape with her.

face of evilThe Telegraph reported Lenna’s son Ali Saqr al-Qasem, 20, reported his mother to ISIS and then executed her in a public square near the post office where she worked.  Leena was accused of apostasy, a crime that usually means leaving one’s religion. ISIS uses it as a justification for murdering anybody who doesn’t support or speaks out against their terrorist organization.