Muslim Cleric Says Trump Wants To Move Palestinians To Puerto Rico (Trump Never Said it…Cleric Falls For Satire)

Sheik Issam Amira of Hizb Al-Tahrir stated that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump offered to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict by establishing a Palestinian state in Puerto Rico and building a replica of the Al-Aqsa Mosque there.

If the Sheik did some fact checking before making such an outrageous allegation, he would have found that Trump never made that statement.  It was a spoof posted by The Middle East Beast.  This parody, which was not produced by nor endorsed by Trump, didn’t stop Sheikh Issam Amira from waving his finger vigorously at Trump. Guess that this Sheik never watched Saturday Night Live.

The cleric would have been spared this embarrassment if he would have taken a closer look at the website. The byline of the The Trump article was “Boaz Bulbulovitz” (“bulbul” is Hebrew slang for “penis”.)  The article had many other satirical underpinnings.

Fact check: MEMRI, which posted a translated clip of his sermon, reported that Amira is with Hizb al-Tahrir, an international Muslim organization that seeks to establish a global caliphate.

(h/t The Blaze)