Obama Admin Agrees To Reduce Terrorist 40 Year Sentence- Now He’s Free

This terrorist is now free after only serving 8 years of a 40 year sentence. Why?

Sgt. 1st class , U.S. Special Forces medic was killed by a grenade tossed by 15-year-old in 2002. The Washington Times reported that while Khadr was sentenced to 40 years, Obama’s administration sided with the Canadian courts to release the radical jihadist after only serving eight.  Now Kadhr is free. Eight years for killing a Delta Force medic!

Sgt. Lane Morris, who served alongside Speer and who lost an eye in the attack, told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren

[the] terrorist’s release ‘all started with the Obama administration’ in a deal made ‘behind the prosecutor’s back.’

What do experts think Khadr will do now that he’s free?

Terrorism expert Max Abrahms of Northeastern University told FoxNews.com that officials should not be surprised if Khadr ultimately turns towards terrorism again.

The terrorism recidivism rate is quite high, particularly for Islamist terrorists. Indeed, a very large portion of the most senior Islamic State leadership was once behind bars. When you release from prison an Islamist terrorist, do not be surprised if he re-engages in terrorism, Mr. Abrahms said.

What this says to the world, more importantly to Americans is that sensitivity towards Islam is valued above the lives of those who serve our country.

Again, Obama makes America look weak to our enemies.