Obama Insults The Vatican…Blasted As Most Anti-Christian President Ever

Is Obama being rude, incompetent, or hoping to exploit Pope Francis who embraces key parts of Obama’s progressive agenda including ObamaCare?

Obama guest list to meet the Pope includes gay Catholics, LGBT advocates, an openly gay Episcopal bishop, and a nun who is a prominent social justice activist.

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who is not Catholic said Obama is disregarding Catholic doctrine and insulting Pope Francis by inviting gay rights and pro-abortion activists to the White House event on Wednesday.

According to The Iowa Statesman, Huckabee stated

President Obama’s classless decision to transform Pope Francis’ visit to the White House into a politicized cattle call for gay and pro-abortion activists is an insult to millions of Catholics,

Why is it that Obama goes to extremes to accommodate Muslim terrorists but shows nothing but disdain for Christians?” the 2016 GOP presidential candidate asked. “This is a new low for an administration that will go down as the most anti-Christian in American history.”

The Hill reported the Vatican is expressing displeasure with the Obama administration’s move to invite certain LGBT activists to the White House for Pope Francis’s visit to the U.S.

A senior Vatican official told the newspaper about worries that photos with transgender activists, the nation’s first openly gay Episcopal bishop and another activist could be interpreted as a papal endorsement.

When the Saudis visited the White House in September, did Obama invite women’s-rights activists to dinner with them? No!