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The Dangerous American Political Establishment

No one takes a government job to get rich. Sure, there are some altruistic...
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Twitter Users Go Wild For Hillary Clinton’s White Pantsuit

When Hillary Clinton hit the stage for the third and final presidential debate, social media users went wild for her white Ralph Lauren pantsuit.

Millennials Really, Really, Really Dislike Hillary Clinton

It’s funny…Google any 2016 article about Hillary and millennials, and there is one consistent...

Shocking: The Crisis No One Talks About

You can slice a loaf of bread many different ways. The same is true...
Connecting the Dots - From Benghazi to Clinton

Hillary’s Health Still Matters

The debates and more revelations from Wikileaks have been the media focus on Hillary...
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Hillary Used Same Tax Strategy as Trump

The New York Times recently published a story on Trump’s taxes after receiving an...

So Why Do Newspapers Endorse Candidates Anyway?

Arizona has been in the news recently because the state's largest newspaper, The Arizona Republic,...