Pope Francis Attacks Welfare Abusers: Don’t Want To Work, Then Don’t Eat

Pope Paul’s weekly message (August 19) has caused quite the stir with liberals and welfare abusers after he praised the value of hard work, and criticized those who refuse to do their part and instead choose to freeload off society.

Citing Saint Paul, Pope Francis said

“Who does not want to work should not eat”

“Paul’s denunciation of idleness refers explicitly to a false spiritualism of some who lived off the backs of their brothers and sisters while ‘doing nothing.'”

In the Christian outlook, a commitment of hard work is not opposed to a deep spiritual life, Francis said, referencing the example of Saint Benedict who taught that “prayer and work can and should be found together in harmony.” He further said

“Work expresses the dignity of being created in the image of God. That is why it is said that work is sacred.”

Pope Francis also warned that the modern organization of work “sometimes shows a dangerous tendency to consider the family a burden, a weight, a liability for labor productivity. But let us ask: what productivity? And for whom?” A system based only on efficiency “is often hostile to children and the elderly,” he said.

Obama’s welfare leeches, take heed of Pope Francis’ message.