Put A Cork In It, Liz Warren!

Liz Warren
Andrew Cline

As expected, there was a fiery showdown in the Senate confirmation vote regarding Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for the Attorney General slot. Once again, we all got to witness yet another familiar tirade by angry liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren took to the floor, armed with a letter from the late Coretta Scott King written 30 years ago to complain that Sessions was suppressing the black vote in Alabama, but Warren was shut down by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for violating the now well-known Senate Rule 19. Basically, the rule prevents senators from denigrating their fellow Senators, and it seems McConnell made the right choice since Warren alleged Sessions was a racist, which is funny, given Sessions’ record of vehemently fighting against the KKK while he served as U.S. Attorney in his home state of Alabama.
But Warren kept on going. She was given one warning, but when she persisted for about 30 more minutes, McConnell invoked Rule 19, and the Senate voted 49 to 43 in favor of the ruling and these words were uttered:  “The senator will take her seat.” Warren was ordered to sit down and cork it for the remaining 30 hours of deliberation regarding Sessions’ nomination.
But even Rule 19 couldn’t stop this tiny, angry woman! Warren later criticized the Senate for not holding the words of Coretta Scott King in higher regard, and in true Trump fashion, she later expressed her anger on Twitter, saying she can’t believe Republicans would confirm Sessions, who as AG will surely look the other way as Trump breaks the law. I find this HILARIOUS coming from the Democratic Party, after we’ve had eight years of Obama picking and choosing which laws to enforce, and having the DNC never dismiss Donna Brazile even after her clear wrongdoing was exposed.
If you think Warren is uber-altruistic and defiantly broke the Senate rules because she is so concerned about the AG office, think again. This is a smart woman who knew exactly what she was doing. I used to watch her on Nightly Business Report years ago, and I admired her vast knowledge of the financial world and her efforts to reign in Wall Street. I just didn’t know she was such an unhinged, freakin’ liberal!
Let’s face it—Warren was grandstanding. She was playing to the cameras, hoping that the 24-7 mainstream news cycle would continuously replay footage of a woman being told to “sit down and shut up” by a bunch of men—which is EXACTLY what the media did. They made her an instant martyr, with some of the media comparing Warren to Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony for speaking out against Sessions. This is just downright ABSURD! Brush up on your history.
It’s pretty clear that Warren is taking the low road here. Instead of accepting that Republicans have the White House and Congress, and working with them, it’s apparent that Warren is going to put up roadblocks whenever and however she can—the same actions that Democrats accused Republicans of during Obama’s presidency. Funny how that works.
Oh, and did I mention that it’s been reported that the same day, Warren’s publisher announced her new book This Fight Is Our Fight (available for purchase beginning April 18)? Wow, that’s the mother of all coincidences, right? Oh, and she sent a fundraising email to her supporters right after being rebuked.
Warren wants to also stay in the media spotlight because she is considering a run at the 2020 presidential race, which is laughable because even her own home state of Massachusetts is sick of her, and thinks it’s time for a change.
Liz, we are sick of it too. The angry, bitter progressive rally cry is getting really old really fast. It’s got to stop. Dems lost. Do your job and work with the Republican majority over the next four years to get stuff done, because based on your self-serving actions of this week, you are exactly the kind of politician that needs to go down the drain when we drain the swamp in Washington.