‘Rough Cut’ Trump Ad Appears Online -Watch Now Before It Gets Taken Down

A rough cut Donald Trump campaign ad attacks Jeb Bush, takes a tough stance on illegal immigration, and also talks about the veteran crisis, made its way to Vimeo before it was sent to Trump’s campaign for approval.

The creator behind this campaign ad said that he is working with Trump’s presidential campaign on a video and “sent it to them for approval” reported BuzzFeedNews.

Cinapse Digital Media produced this rough cut video and said the ad was accidentally posted to Vimeo. “It says rough cut on it — they’re not supposed to post it,” a spokesman continued. “It says rough cut, because I need to get approval on it. It’s not supposed to go out.  The video was set to private – and password-locked – minutes later.”

The Trump campaign denied any knowledge of the ad. “That’s not ours, and it’s not affiliated with the campaign,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told BuzzFeed News.

BuzzFeed News obtained this video through a Vimeo search.

The rough cut ad opens with a distorted view of a video clip of Jeb Bush stating that illegal immigration is “an act of love”, then it cuts to a graphic displaying the number of “Americans killed everyday by illegal immigrants”, followed by more videos of Bush, the ad then flips to a picture of Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, the undocumented immigrant who shot a San Francisco woman, then it cuts to a clip of Trump saying “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be talking about illegal immigration,” then it transitions to Trump saying “There’s tremendous crime,” as graphics showing the proportion of “criminal aliens” and costs to U.S. taxpayers.  There are more Trump speeches and the ad concludes with Trump saying:

“If I get elected president, I will bring it back, bigger, and better, and stronger than ever before,” Trump concludes, “and we will make America great again.”

(h/t BuzzFeedNews)