The Dangerous American Political Establishment

pay to play

Alex Studio

No one takes a government job to get rich. Sure, there are some altruistic souls that truly serve in politics to help their fellow citizens. But the Washington establishment is all about pay-to-play, and most people take those jobs to reap lucrative benefits. We’ve seen it in the Project Veritas videos and in the Wikileaks emails.

Don’t fool yourself about how far Washington will go, whether Democrat or Republican, to keep that gravy train going. It is why the DNC has been paying operatives to disrupt Trump rallies, and it is also why certain Republicans refuse to support Trump. It is also why Clinton’s campaign is headed by one of the richest, and most ruthless, Washington lobbyists, John Podesta.

What does the establishment fear most? That’s easy–an uprising from the people. As Pat Buchanan put it in a recent article, the establishment fears “that the people for whom Trump speaks no longer accept its political legitimacy or moral authority.” Buchanan is so right.

The Democratic Party has perpetuated enslavement of the American people by creating a gargantuan welfare state of dependency. To further ensure their voter base, Democrats want open borders and mass illegal immigration. In the leaked Wikileaks email, Clinton gushed about her dream for open borders in a speech to Wall Street bankers, yet in the third debate, she expertly pivoted off Chris Wallace’s direct question. Eighty-three percent of Americans do not want open borders. If Clinton is elected, will she follow the will of the American people on this issue, or will she keep her promise to the bankers she gave the speech to? Does the American people’s opinion on this issue even matter to the uber-established Clinton or will she just do what she wants to do once in office?

The establishment and the mainstream media are grossly disconnected from the people they think they “rule”. In truth, the establishment is detested by the American people, and when Trump says he will “drain the swamp in Washington”, most Americans agree.

Some see Trump as outrageous, while others see him as courageous for finally speaking the truth about the entrenched establishment in Washington. If Democrats could win on their own, they wouldn’t have to resort to the thuggish tactics that have been used in this election. The mainstream media is “horrified” that Donald Trump may not accept the results of the election. They’ve made it sound like Trump will launch a coup, which is ridiculous. Why should he–and more importantly–why should we as a country accept it, if it turns out that there is massive voter fraud and intimidation at the polls? And it’s not unprecedented–Al Gore, concerned about possible voter fraud, contested the election results in 2000; it wasn’t decided until five weeks later after two Supreme Court rulings and a voter recount in Florida.

We should all calm down and try not to overthink what Trump meant about accepting the election. Instead, our energy and focus should be on the very troubling stories we’ve heard about DNC tactics. Allegations of this nature should be taken seriously and investigated.