The Lights Didn’t Go Out For Trump [VIDEO]

Republican Party Presidential front runner Donald Trump’s rally was interrupted when the lights went out and left him in the dark. Trump was not phased. He took advantage of this problem and his speech went into high gear. Was Trump left in the dark?

Trump said “They didn’t pay the electric bill. Oh, I like that much better. That’s so much better. Those lights were brutal. Are they coming from the dishonest press?” ┬áTrump enjoyed the low-lights and when they were turned back on, he led the crowd in a chant to keep them off. He leveraged this issue by discussing how the U.S. needs to negotiate with other countries.

“And because the lights didn’t work, I won’t pay the rent, so we get better lighting, and we don’t pay the rent, right?” Trump said to cheers. “That’s the way we have to negotiate for our country.”