Trump Announces Plan To End Syrian Migration Crisis

Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump surprised many Democratic and Republican presidential candidates who often accused the Republican party front runner that he rarely offers specifics about his positions and too often speaks in vague generalities. Trump announced his plan on “Face The Nation” to end the Syrian migration crisis, the same plan which is supported by other countries and would result in allowing the refugees to return home.

A “no-fly safe zone” in northern Syria could be established so refugees could take shelter from the country’s civil conflict, which resulted in 1,000’s killed and millions displaced through out the world. This plan has the backing of Syria’s neighboring county Turkey, who currently hosts more than 1.8 million Syrian refugees. ¬†Turkey proposed that any Syrian migrants that are picked up would be taken back where six new camps for up to two million people would be built, co-financed by the European Union (EU.) While this plan has been discussed by U.S. State Department officials, Obama has not yet taken a public position.

In Trump’s version of the established no-fly safe zone, countries including the

Gulf states “should all get together, and they should take a big swath of land in Syria, and they should do a safe zone for people, so they can have a safe place where they could live.”

This humanitarian solution may also alleviate the fears that ISIL extremists are hiding among the Syrian refugees in a Trojan Horse.

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(h/t CBS)