Trump Is A Superhero

Some of us dream of being a superhero, flying faster than the speed of a bullet, or being the master of darkness and fight all evil. What about Donald Trump?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump followed through with his pledge to give kids rides in one of his luxurious million dollar helicopters. During a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa, Trump greeted dozens of children and took many for rides around the Iowa State fairgrounds.

Children were able to see what cornfields look like from 5,000 feet in the sky, a view from his luxury $7 million Sikorsky S-76 helicopter.

Just before one of his takeoffs, a 9 year-old passenger named William asked Trump if he was Batman.  Trump did not hesitate for one second and said, “I am Batman.”

Does this mean Trump’s custom black helicopter has some secret crime fighting features? Like everything else related to the 2016 election cycle, only time will tell.