Trump Taking Off Gloves When He Goes In The Ring With Carson On October 28

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says rival candidate Dr. Ben Carson is too nice to attack for now, but he will make a strategic change when he faces off in the next GOP debate on October 28.

As Carson inches up in the polls, Trump told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that while Carson has “been so nice to me,” he will have to go on the attack against Ben Carson. For now Trump said Carson is just too nice.

“I mean, Ben is a doctor and that’s what he’s been doing and the question is, is he capable of negotiating with China and Russia and Iran and all of the things you have to do?” Trump asked. “There will be a lot of things but I think at this moment I won’t go into them, but there will be a lot of things having to do with capacity and experience.”

(h/t NewsMax)