Trump’s Son Makes Spectacular Claim About His Dad

In an interview with Fox Business News Neil Cavuto, Donald Trump’s elder son Eric Trump, the executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization, said that his father’s run for the White House is “a very selfless thing, if you think about it.”

Trump Organization, Eric Trump said in Neil Cavuto’s interview, is doing “tremendously well,” and his father is “put[ting] all of that aside to run” for office, “to get shot at by every media outlet in the world.”


Cavuto responded by saying that it seems Trump loves to thrive on the criticism and backlash.

“It takes a special person to do that,” Eric Trump responded. “Well don’t we need that in a leader? Doesn’t America need that in a leader, fundamentally?”

The more people attack his father, “the better he does,” Eric declared.

“He’s who he is, he’s a very genuine guy. Also, I think the thing that’s really fascinating is how many groups from all different sides of the aisle have kind of come to support him. I mean, there’s not a day where my Twitter account doesn’t get another union group or this or that, which maybe traditionally wouldn’t be on the Republican side but also knows the person that he is. I think you’ll have a lot of that crossover,” Eric predicted.