VIDEO: CNN’s Anchor No Match For Pro-Trump Hispanic Woman

Myriam Wicther was so excited when she was picked out of the crowd to stand on the stage alongside Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Las Vegas.  She stole the show.

Wicther, a Hispanic later told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin “He’s [Trump’s] our man sent from heaven”

It appeared that Baldwin had an agenda when she tried to expose Wicther as a shill for the Trump campaign to gain Hispanic voters and catch her in a lie. Wicther was not having any of it.

Baldwin asked Wicther if someone from Trump’s campaign talked to her ahead of time – implying that she was coached what to say when she came on stage.  She emphatically said no.  Baldwin couldn’t believe that Wicther was a genuine supporter and asked her if she agreed with Trump’s plan to build a wall, mass deportation, and Mexico sending murderers and rapists to the U.S.  Baldwin was shcoked when Wicther replied that

“Mr. Trump is 100% right – he’s our perfect man. Everything he says is absolutely right.  He’s [Latino] our perfect man.”

(h/t CNN)