Watch: What Did Pro-Trump Latina Say To End CNN’s Segment So Abruptly?

Did Donald Trump get it right when he said “Hispanics love me”?

When one of the debate panel guests on “Tonight With Don Lemon” CNN show accused Katrina Campins, a Hispanic woman who was a former contestant on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice television show, of being “in the minority” for her support of Trump’s stance on illegal immigration, she lashed out.

I don’t agree that I’m in the minority,” Campins fired back, “because the last time I was on CNN speaking about this as a Hispanic woman, so many Hispanic women tweeted me and said, ‘Thank you for speaking for the real Hispanic woman.’

The exchange went back and forth with one of the other guests, until Lemon abruptly ended the segment after Campins made her eloquent statement.

What Campins had been driving at was that this belief by progressives that Hispanics support illegal immigration and thus oppose Donald Trump is just plain wrong.

According to Campins, many American Hispanics support Donald Trump because they agree with him that

People should come to this country legally.

When people cross the border who are not supposed to be here, let’s make sure they are sent back,

Campins added just before the tirade with one of the other guests started.