BREAKING: What The FBI Now Has On Hillary

AP reported documents cited anonymous government officials this week (September 21) as saying the FBI has succeeded in recovering personal and work-related e-mails from the private computer server used by Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State. ┬áThe FBI only investigates criminal matters- can’t wait until these e-mails are made public.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stated on September 23 the U.S. Justice Department is keeping him and other members of congress in the dark about whether a criminal investigation is underway into Clinton’s use of private email.

“You know it is getting a little absurd when someone at the Justice Department is apparently leaking details to the press about an investigation that the department officially refuses to admit to Congress that it is conducting…On an issue of such importance, we must fully understand Secretary Clinton’s decision to use a private email server and its consequences to our nation” Grassley said.

The senator was referring to stories published by Bloomberg News and The New York Times reporting that some messages had been recovered. Both stories were based on unnamed sources.