You Will Never Believe Who Was Hiding In An Israeli Forest

Governments have become more vigilant in light of the global terror that has struck almost every county in the world.

Israel has been dealing with terrorists for decades, but those attacks emanated from Hamas, Hezbollah or other radical pro-Palestine factions. Israel has not yet been exposed to ISIS cells being formed inside Israel, until now.

Sources told FoxNews that ISIS cells were in Israel, training in the forests areas near Galiee, and plotting to attack military facilities and police, when their plans were thwarted by the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal intelligence agency.

Seven Israeli Arabs were charged for their roles in the plot. This plot, which was exposed in September 2015, is viewed as significant in Israel because, although as many as 40 Israeli Muslims are believed to have joined ISIS in recent year. This plot is believed to be the first ISIS operation planned inside Israel itself.

Shin Bet published details of the story on its website:

“During the interrogation by Shin Bet, the suspects admitted that during the last year they had been working to get weapons, train with them, and collect intelligence around an IDF base and police forces, and all of this in order to commit attacks under the flag of the Islamic State,” the report stated.

The interrogation uncovered that some of the suspects maintained Internet contact with friends who went to Syria and are now fighting with the ISIL in Iraq. Two suspects admitted the ISIL operatives convinced them to launch attacks. They trained with a third man in forests close to their Galilee village, scouted police units in northern Israel, as well as a nearby army base. The suspects also admitted they were going to attack liquor stores in Nazareth, because the consumption of alcohol is forbidden under Islamic law.

When asked just how close the cell was to carrying out the attack, Israeli Police Inspector Mickey Rosenfeld told, “They were close enough.”

Shin Bet cautioned “The prior discovery of the terror preparations and the prevention of the murderous attacks that were planned by the group, points to the potential rising risk of the exit of such individuals to jihadi war zones around the world.”

(h/t FoxNews)